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Home Learning Tasks

week beginning 30/3/20

Your mission, should you choose and be well enough to accept it is...


Reading: Continue to read as much as you can please. Read your books on Bug Club, your home reader, your library book and also any books from home that you have


Phonics: Use the phonic links on the Woodpecker children's page below to access phonics games and activities and enjoy playing them. Espresso has great videos to teach the sounds. Your Espresso login is on the letter that came with your home learning pack.


Writing: The writing task for this week is to describe a Tudor house. Together, read through the information on the powerpoint "Buildings in 1666," and have a chat about all the features of a house. Can you explain what houses were made of and why they burned so easily? Can you explain why the beams are all different sizes? Why were the windows made of tiny panes of glass? Do you know what a Jetty is? What is wattle and daub? You could describe your own house that you have made or use the picture over on the children's page. I've also given you a word mat to explain new vocabulary that you might come across.


Handwriting: Please focus on units 3 and 4. You will find a link to a practise sheet on the children's page. Here you will get to practise the long legged giraffe capitals and one arm robot letters. Copy them into your home learning book as carefully as you can.


Spelling: By the end of year 1 children will need to be able to spell all of the common exception words (tricky words) and days of the week. On the spelling page below you will find links to various practise sheets. Feel free to choose 5 spellings a week to really focus on. You could write them on the sheet if you are able to print it out or just copy them into your home learning book.


Maths: This week we would like you to look at Place Value - understanding what each digit is worth in a number.

1. Practise counting in 10's. Jack Hartmann has some great songs for practising this. See the links below or on the children's page to access this.

2. Choose a number from 1 to 9 and count forwards and backwards in 10's from it. You might want to use the hundred square to help with this. Write down the numbers in your home learning book. Can you spot any patterns? As you count forwards or backwards, what changes and what remains the same?

3. Extra challenge: Can you partition 2 digit numbers into tens and ones? Work through the powerpoint below and ask an adult to give you some numbers to partition. Eg. 45 = 40 + 5

Don't forget you have some great abacus maths games allocated on Bug Club too. For extra maths challenges, see the White Rose Maths link. They are setting 5 different maths lessons each week with all the resources. Also check out The Maths Factor if you would like extra maths work to do.


This is the end of this week's mission!

Good luck Woodpeckers and most importantly of all...

please try to stay safe and well!



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