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Our Curriculum is the beating heart of our school day.  At Perton First School, everything starts with the child and how we can design a learning environment for them, which nurtures their mind, body and soul to develop a happy, healthy and well-rounded citizen of the world – a child who can live and enjoy life to the full. One of our central aims of the curriculum is to ensure that our pupils are both “interesting and interested”. We want them to be ‘interesting’ to talk to because they know a great deal about the world and ‘interested’ in finding out more. We understand that knowledge is ‘sticky’, in other words, the more pupils know the easier it is for them to know more.


Intent - What are we trying to achieve here with, and through, the curriculum?  

We want our pupils to have big ambitions and high expectations of themselves. We are an outward looking school, with a strong sense of community and we aim to create a curriculum that truly meets the needs of our children. We want our children’s voices to drive and shape our curriculum; a rich, exciting and balanced curriculum, which enables each individual child to develop academically, emotionally, creatively, socially and physically. Our curriculum will enable children to share ideas, express their opinions and apply knowledge and skills learned in a wide range of meaningful contexts. It will offer opportunities for all children to investigate, question, debate and challenge and enable all children to flourish and to be the very best they can be.


Implementation - So, how are we going to deliver this?  

We have the National Curriculum and Early Years Curriculum as starting points which we enhance and deepen further as a school. Learning is organised into projects; at the heart of this is our children being exposed to high quality experiences and learning opportunities with a large element of choice and need for independent thinking.  Children are immersed in experiences with visits or off timetable days of discovery.  Children deliberately, have only one large book in which to record their curriculum journey. This strengthens the message that our curriculum is 'built in' and not 'bolted on'. It is not a weaker relation to core subjects that only happen in the afternoons. We are Romans, Anglo Saxons, Egyptians, explorers, artists, athletes, musicians and scientists, morning, noon and night.  We really do 'dive right in!'


Impact for our children  

From their different starting points our children will make good progress academically, emotionally, creatively, socially and physically. Knowledge, understanding and skills will be secured and embedded so that children attain highly and are fully prepared for the next stage of their learning journey. They will have strong communication skills  and will listen respectfully to the views of others. Children will take pride in all that they do, always striving to do their best and will demonstrate emotional resilience and the ability to persevere when they encounter challenge. Our children will develop a sense of self-awareness and become confident in their own abilities. They will be kind, respectful and honest, demonstrate inclusive attitudes and have a sense of their role in our wider society.