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Well done Perton First, you have achieved your Green Flag!




What is it?

Eco-Schools is a global programme engaging 19.5 million children across 67 countries, making it the largest educational programme on the planet.


For nearly 25 years Eco-Schools has been empowering children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness through the simple Seven-Step framework in order to achieve the international Eco-Schools Green Flag award.


What have we been doing?


Our Eco Committee have been amazing and have worked hard to achieve this green flag. To achieve it they have carried out an Environmental Review of our school. They then decided on the topics they would like to work on, which in our case were, Marine, Waste, and Energy. They then formulated an action plan and set to work on making changes to our school.


One of our concerns was Marine, this is because so many of us are aware of the damage that plastic is doing to our Oceans. You may say, 'We are a long way from the Ocean, so why does that matter?' Well, we may be, but we are very close to rivers and plastic that ends up in the rivers can not only cause problems and pollution in the river,  but it can also find it's way to the Ocean.  Our children have managed to reduce the amount of straws we use in school, as now our children have milk from reusable cups. That means we have cut down from 2,500 straws per week going to landfill, to now only Nursery children using a straw. Our children are determined to change the tide on plastic!


We also looked at waste. We realised that we were not recycling in school but that has changed! We now have blue recycling bins and each Year group has recycling bags along with compost bins. Mrs Robbins also set up a system for us to even collect and recycle crisp packets. So now very little needs to go into the normal landfill waste.


Energy was also a topic that we felt we needed to address. The children have become aware of how much electricity costs, and how damaging it is to waste electricity. They have created posters to remind teachers to turn off lights and computers etc when they are not needed.


However, we are not going to stop there. 

We now need to move on to our next cycle of reviewing and auctioning more change.


If you would like to get involved please use this link to see how you can still make a difference even thought some of you are still at home and have not yet returned to school.


Thank you to all of Perton First for taking on board our Eco issues and making a difference to this world.





Eco Mission Statement - Written by the Eco Committee