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Nursery - Little Owls and Little Chicks!

Welcome to the Little Owls and Little Chicks page!


We're excited about Spring Term in Nursery.


Thank you for visiting our page. Please take a look around. We hope that you are able to find what you are looking for. If you need more information, please contact the school office on 01902 500450.


Our nursery is a happy, safe and welcoming place. We have a wealth of experienced and well qualified staff. We take pride in our environment, changing it and improving it frequently. We take the children's needs and requests into account. We are able to welcome children from age 2 into our nursery.


Little Owls are the older children and work with Mrs Harris, Mrs Horton, Mrs Summan and Mrs Knowles.

Little Chicks are the younger children and work with Mrs Wylde, Miss Trow, Miss Bradley and Mrs Kelly.


Parent and Carer Curriculum Information

Ideas for learning at home

Achieving a successful drop off

Welcome to nursery! ❤

A settling in video. Enjoy!

Our Staff


The staff in our nursery are all carefully selected. Mrs Harris leads the nursery team. She has years of EYFS experience across a range of settings and is a qualified teacher and also the assistant headteacher at Perton First School. She is calm and caring and she loves learning! The other staff who are teaching assistants and nursery nurses, are patient, kind and loving, but the most important personality trait is a love of play! The staff must be able to have high quality interactions with children, they must promote language acquisition and they must be good role-models. Nursery children need a key person to play and interact with in order to develop well. Our staff do this so well, indoors and outdoors whilst at the same time, keeping children safe and happy.


A Day in Nursery!


In nursery, we encourage the children to become active from the moment they step through the door! They hang up their coats independently when they are able, put their bags in their trays (we have colours, pictures and names to help them) and they then choose what they want to learn.


We plan projects for the children, asking them what they would like to find out about. We have a range of loose themes: Super Me! What's Hatching? Splash Splosh! Land of the Dinosaurs! Minibeast Fact Finders! and others.


We plan purposeful play activities for the children to join in with. We always have lots of role-play areas to develop communication and language. It could be a doctors, a dinosaur café or a home corner depending on what the children are interested in. It is changed regularly to keep it exciting. We have a lovely large book corner, mark making resources, small world and construction cupboards and a making table. Staff are trained to join in with play in a sensitive way, and to ask careful questions to build on prior knowledge. The children make super progress through play and it is necessary in terms of development. We offer outdoor play, allowing the children to choose whether they would like to learn outside. Here, the children can be faster, noisier and can learn in a bigger and more physical way.


The staff plan small group and individual activities to suit the needs of the children. We teach them to count, sort, listen and communicate. We observe their development and plan what they need next. We help them with toileting and handwashing, although we do encourage them to gain independence in this when they are ready.


We have a rolling snack table, that the children are invited to join for fruit and milk. Any allergies or preferences are taken into account and although we encourage the children to eat and drink, it is their choice. They have free access to their water bottles throughout the day.


When we stop to tidy up, the children all have to join in. We reward good tidying with praise and sometimes a sticker! We sit together (when we're developmentally ready and able to sit) for short, snappy, interesting sessions. We might share a story, describe an object (using Talk in Colour), play a phonological awareness game, count, sing songs, play musical instruments, say rhymes or have some news time.


The children visit the school library each week. They are able to browse and select a book to take home. We often listen to a story when we are there. We love reading at Perton First School! In nursery, we develop the foundations needed to become a super reader.


When it is time to go home, we collect our belongings independently. This is why it is so important to label everything! Show your child what their belongings are like. Add a sticker, a key ring or something to make it easier to recognise. There might be 40+ water bottles some days in 4 different trays.


Please do get in touch if you would like some more information.

What you need to bring for a nursery session. Please label everything!


  • a water bottle containing plain water 
  • a plastic cup for their milk
  • a warm/waterproof/lightweight coat depending on the weather
  • a bookbag (preferably a red Perton First School/Nursery one, but any will do - it makes handing out letters much easier)
  • a change of clothes, including pants and socks
  • nappies and wipes if needed


We will let you know if you need to pack anything else.



We want your children to have the best possible start in life. Part of this is being healthy, including having healthy teeth and gums. You must register your child with a dentist (they are entitled to free NHS dental care) and they must have check-ups as soon as their teeth come through. You must supervise them with brushing, twice a day, for two minutes. You are responsible for their sugar intake. Water is best for sipping through the day. Milk is fine. Other drinks should be given only at mealtimes, and these should be diluted fruit juice or weak squash to limit the sugar attacks. Sweet treats should be limited and given at mealtimes, not as snacks. 

We use Marvellous Me! to communicate with parents. You will receive a log-in. We can send messages, photographs and reminders. For home learning, we use J2e. 

Our Sessions


We aim to provide flexibility, to enable our parents to work or study. We offer full wraparound childcare in the nursery. We also run a holiday club to help with school holiday childcare. Please speak to the school office to book a place: 01902 500450.


Early Birds: 7.30 - 8.45 a.m.

Morning Nursery: 8.45-11.45 a.m. (3 hours)

Lunch Club: 11.45 a.m. - 12.15 p.m.

Afternoon Nursery: 12.15-3.15 p.m. (3 hours)

Night Owls: 3.15 - 6.00 p.m.

Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


If your child has any identified SEND, please speak to a member of staff in nursery and let the office know when you apply. We will need to meet with you before your child starts nursery to ensure that we have everything that we need in place. We may wish to place them on the SEND register and we may require other professionals to become involved. Mrs Culverhouse is our SEND co-ordinator, she will be happy to support you alongside the nursery staff.

Food and Drinks


We provide free milk for nursery children and free fruit each day. Please speak to staff and the office if your child has any dietary needs, allergies, preferences or religious observances.