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Relationships & Health Education

As from September 2020, Relationships Education and Health Education will become a statutory subject within the Primary Curriculum. Children at Perton First School receive weekly PSHE lessons through our fantastic scheme of work developed by Staffordshire ENTRUST. These lessons cover many of the aspects that are required by the new Relationships and Health Education programme of study; therefore, we are well-prepared to deliver age-appropriate, thoughtful and inclusive Relationships and Health Education lessons to our pupils. Please see the Relationships and Health Education policies below and a detailed Curriculum Map, which outlines what our children will be learning in each year group. 

Relationships and Health Education Subject Intent 

At Perton First School, we believe that children's personal development is the foundation for creating happy, successful and thriving individuals, not only in school, but as members of our ever-changing, 21st Century society. Relationships Education aims to provide the building blocks for children to develop positive friendships and relationships with those they meet in and out of school. It recognises that healthy relationships help children and adults to feel secure, healthy, confident and happy and we aim to teach children the qualities of these relationships and promote them in our classrooms. Positive relationships with family and friends encourage good emotional and mental well-being and help children to communicate when they do not feel happy and secure in their friendships and relationships too. 


Health Education aims to empower children with the knowledge to look after their own physical and emotional health. It teaches children the importance of healthy, balanced lifestyles and physical activity, as well as giving them the knowledge to support themselves and others too; for example, children learn about common allergies, sun-safety and the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. 


Relationships and Health Education ultimately strive to provide children with the knowledge, skills and attitude to thrive as children, adolescents and adults. It supports them to enhance and protect their physical, emotional and mental well-being. 


Children have weekly, timetabled PSHE sessions, where teachers use a fantastic scheme of work developed by Staffordshire ENTRUST. These sessions are age-appropriate and adaptable depending on individual classes and needs. During the year, children will spend specific PSHE lessons focusing on 'Me and My Relationships' and 'Me and My Health'. These lessons are varied, but do involve lots of discussion, group work and games. However, we strive as a school to promote positive Relationships and Health Education throughout our day to day. We celebrate the qualities of good friendships daily and reinforce this during Shine Assembly and Stars of the Day. We respond to the needs of our classes through Circle Times, Class Assemblies and daily conversations supporting their emotional needs. As a whole school, assemblies reflect our PSHE learning and we include themed weeks within our curriculum, including Mental Health Awareness Week, Online Safety Week and Healthy Living Week. If needed, we strive to provide children with additional support to nurture their well-being and with the support of parents, involve them in small group work where positive friendship skills can be practised, developed and praised. 


We measure the impact of our Relationships and Health Education curriculum through the personal development of each individual child. If children are healthy, have positive relationships and are able to communicate their feelings and needs, we would expect them to be thriving and making good progress in areas of school, but also at home. We communicate with parents regularly and when needed, strive to support children's emotional needs in and out of school. We monitor children's engagement in all areas of school life, during physical activity, in extra curricular clubs, before and after school clubs and of course, on the playground. 

We hope that the overall impact of effective Health and Relationships Education, helps to create children who can go on to live confident, independent, fulfilling and healthy lives. 

PSHE, Relationships and Health Education - Perton First School Subject Map


To view our PSHE, Relationships and Health Education Subject Map, click the above image or select it from the documents section below.