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Charlie Monkey's Work

Picture 1 Charlie reading on Bug Club on Miss F's ipad!
Picture 2 Charlie reading in the sunshine!
Picture 3 Charlie loves climbing trees.
Picture 4 Charlie trying to identify the tree.
Picture 5 Charlie investigating the bird table.
Picture 6 Help Miss F, I'm a bit stuck!
Picture 7 Charlie's grass seed caterpillar.
Picture 8 Caterpillar trying to escape.
Picture 9 Charlie has planted some cress seeds.
Picture 10 I love climbing!
Picture 11 Thumbs up for home learning.
Picture 12 Charlie looking at his seeds after 1 week.
Picture 13 Grass, sunflower and sweet pea seeds.
Picture 14 Charlie planted cress seeds in a cardboard tube.
Picture 15 Wow! Cress seeds after 1 week.
Picture 16 Charlie's bird feeder made from a milk carton.
Picture 17 Come on birdies....get your lovely seeds!
Picture 18 Charlie's seeds after 2 weeks!
Picture 19 Wow! Green hair!
Picture 20 Hmmm I think I need a haircut.
Picture 21 Charlie and his seeds after 3 weeks
Picture 22 Cress seeds after 3 weeks
Picture 23 Sweet Pea seeds after 3 weeks
Picture 24 Sunflower seeds after 3 weeks
Picture 25 Charlie loves his new friend!
Picture 26 Giving grass Caterpillar some exercise