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Charlie Monkey's Work

Charlie relaxing after a hard week's work!
Charlie trying to be like Leaf the Polar Bear!
Charlie has made friends with the Meerkats!
Charlie watching Wolves v Villa with Wolfie!
Charlie preparing to use snacks as tens and ones
Charlie reading on Bug Club on Miss F's ipad!
Charlie reading in the sunshine!
Charlie loves climbing trees.
Charlie trying to identify the tree.
Charlie investigating the bird table.
Help Miss F, I'm a bit stuck!
Charlie's grass seed caterpillar.
Caterpillar trying to escape.
Charlie has planted some cress seeds.
I love climbing!
Thumbs up for home learning.
Charlie looking at his seeds after 1 week.
Grass, sunflower and sweet pea seeds.
Charlie planted cress seeds in a cardboard tube.
Wow! Cress seeds after 1 week.
Charlie's bird feeder made from a milk carton.
Come on birdies....get your lovely seeds!
Charlie's seeds after 2 weeks!
Wow! Green hair!
Hmmm I think I need a haircut.
Charlie and his seeds after 3 weeks
Cress seeds after 3 weeks
Sweet Pea seeds after 3 weeks
Sunflower seeds after 3 weeks
Charlie loves his new friend!
Giving grass Caterpillar some exercise