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week 6. 7. 20




English Challenge



Our English task for this week is all about moving on and spreading our wings.

 Sadly, we are almost at the end of term and you too will be spreading your wings and moving from Year 1 to Year 2. Hopefully the activities that have been prepare this week, might make this transition a little easier for you.













English Notes for Parents - Task Description

Our maths focus for this week is linked to money.  







Don't forget to use what you have been learning about place value for these activities too, as we need to understand tens and ones to work out how much money we have.





Please remember to count forwards and backwards in 1's 2's 5's and 10's daily.

Remember to use the links below.

Counting with John Farnworth


Counting with Jack Hartmann



See below for your activities.







Maths notes for Parents - Money, Money, Money!

Warm up Resources





Reading - Reading is extremely important and we ask that you ensure your child reads daily. There are books on Bug Club for your child.


Phonics - Access Espresso (details in your home leaning pack) to help support your delivery of phonics lessons.  Mrs Smith's group work on phase 5, Mrs Hughes - phase 4 and Miss Sami - phase 3.  You could also access phonics play, where you can play games to encourage the children to read real and alien words.


Handwriting - Please use the letter family information provided to encourage your child to form their letters and position them correctly on the line. There are also some handwriting sheets on the parent's page.


Writing - Writing tasks are set each week for your child to complete. They are differentiated tasks. Ask your child which table they sit at for English, as this will determine which task your child should be attempting.  Puppies, attempt the mild task.

Ducks and Turtles attempt the hot task. Rabbits and Penguins attempt the extra hot task.  

Within school a child would never be expected to write without talking about their ideas. Please ensure that you talk to your child about their sentences, let them rehearse them with you and improve upon them.

Remind them of the need for capital letters to start every sentence and punctuation to end each sentence.


Spelling - On the spelling page situated below, you will find the resources needed for helping your child to learn to spell. Take  5 words per week from the year 1 common exception words list and learn to spell them.

Please note, by the end of year one your child will be expected to spell all of these words along with the days of the week.


Maths - Maths tasks are also set each week. Please remember to start each maths session with your child by counting. Count to 100 in 1's, count in 2's to a minimum of 24, in 5's to a minimum of 60 and 10's to a minimum of 120.  Try counting forwards and backwards.


Project related activities - The children's page, situated below, will provide you with information about our latest project and will provide you with some other curriculum activities to support your child's learning.


This week the children from Red and Blue bubbles designed and decorated their own stone to add to the Covid Cobra of Perton. They have been placed in Bluebell Wood for the children to find and show their parents.

I'm sure you agree they look lovely!

Painted Stones created by Red and Blue Bubbles

Take a look around Year 1 and our classroom.

Have fun with your activities this week Robin Class.


Safari Park Trip

We will be taking your child on trips to the following venues this year!