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Year 1 - Robins

                         Welcome to Robin Class

Home learning week of 30.3.20


Here are your challenges for this week Robins.



Please continue to read daily at home. There are books on Bug Club, you can read your library books and of course any books you have at home.



On your home learning letter that you received with your writing book, you have details of how to log on to Espresso. We use this for phonics at school, it will provide you with new sounds, games and activities for you to complete.



Your challenge this week is to write a description of a Tudor house. I have put a PowerPoint onto the Children's page and this will help you to learn all about Tudor houses.  Read it together, talk about the different features.

Then when you are ready, try to write a description of a Tudor house.

Put in information about how they were made, why the beams were all different sizes, what was used to make the walls, how they made the walls white etc.

Remember to do your very best writing, starting with capital letters and using full stops to end your sentences. You could show how clever you are by adding in a question but remember to end the question with a question mark.



This week I would like you to try counting in 10's. Count forward and back in 10's. Then I would like you to pick any number between 1 and 9 and count forwards and back in 10's from that number.

I would also like you to try partitioning 2 digit numbers. There is a PowerPoint on the children's page to help you.

There are some extra maths resources there too if you would like more of a challenge.



This week try to write your long ladder letters both in lower case and upper case as neatly as you can into your home learning book.



Good luck with your challenges this week Robin Class,

but above all, please stay fit and well.




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