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What a Wonderful World! 




Your hook question -

Do polar bears live in a desert?


During this topic the children will be learning about the hot and cold parts of our world and the animals that live there.


We will learn about the Polar Regions and parts of Africa. The children will compare the different locations and find hot and cold countries on maps. 

As scientists the children will learn about different animals groups.

See the topic overview for more information



What a Wonderful World Topic Map

At Perton First, we pride ourselves on being an Eco Friendly School, so within this topic the children will learn about how they can make a difference to the world.

As our Eco Committee children claimed in their mission statement,


'If many little people, in many little places, do many little things,

we could change the face of the world.'


By learning about the Polar Regions, we can educate our younger children about the damage climate change is having on this region in particular!

They then can be mindful of the little things they do,

that could potentially make a big impact.








For these challenges use the 20 second timer.