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Mental Health Awareness

Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources 

The week beginning 18th May is Mental Health Awareness Week.

Whilst we mark this week in school, children's mental and emotional wellbeing is at the heart of our everyday school life. We spend lots of time in school reading stories, talking, playing games and doing activities to encourage children to talk about how they are feeling, address any issues and take the time to slow down and reflect in what is usually a very busy school day! 

Below are some activities that you could do at home, similar to some of the things we do in school, that may support children's emotional wellbeing. There are also some resources that you may find useful in supporting children's understanding and anxieties during this Coronavirus pandemic.  

Have a look through them and choose activities with your child that they may enjoy or find useful. Let us teachers know which activities you tried and how you got on- we love to hear! 

Feelings and emotions resources 

Resources for supporting understanding and anxiety around Coronavirus 

Mindfulness and calming down 

Keeping fit and active