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Golden Rules



At Perton First School children learn to follow our Golden Rules so everyone is able to work and play in a caring, safe and happy environment. As soon as your child starts reception they will begin to learn about the Golden Rules using fun characters and stories and will be given lots of praise when they: Try Hard, Are Kind and Helpful, Are Gentle, Are Honest, Listen Well or Look After Things.

Gross Motor Skills

Why Are Gross Motor Skills Important?

Working on gross motor skills helps a child gain strength and confidence in his/her body. It also helps them get exercise and physical activity, which is important for a healthy lifestyle. Developing these skills helps a childs ability to do more complex skills in future activities from sport to writing. Below are some links with fun activities you can do with your child at home ...

Fine motor skills

Fine motor control generally refers to control over the small movements of the hands and fingers, as well as the small muscles of the face and mouth (tongue) and feet. However, the focus is usually on developing the skills of the small muscles in the hands.  Below are links to activities that will help develop various fine motor skills and build hand strength which will help with day to day tasks like using a knife and fork and pencil control and pressure for drawing and writing ...

British Values Video

Still image for this video
A little girl describes what British Values are.