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Welcome to History at Perton First School


History is a  subject that is wholeheartedly embraced and enjoyed by children and staff alike. 
This is why... 


 Early Years

Although the word ‘history’ is not stated within the EYFS Curriculum it is to some degree covered within the understanding of the word strand.  Children learn about themselves, their family and they are introduced to historical aspects through topics for example dinosaurs.



KS1 –there is emphasis on children learning about real changes that have occurred within their living memory and where possible this should show change on a national level.  Our topic of toys helps here as children learn about new toys, toys their parents may have played with and then toys their grandparents / great grandparents and even further back would have played with.
There is also an emphasis on children learning about significant individuals and comparing aspects of their lives across different times in history. 


Within KS1 the children also explore topics such as 'houses and homes' and the 'Victorians'.  Trips to living museums and Victorian properties help to bring this learning to life for the children. 



KS2- children learn about

Learn about the Romans Empire and its  impact on Britain. 
Britain's settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots.
Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for England.
Local history study.
The achievements of the earliest civilisations.



All in all history is made fun and as much as possible ‘hands on’.
Above all we all remember there is always a ‘story’ in history which can capture a child’s imagination!



Take a look at the fabulous history resources we have available on the 'link' page of our website!