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Entry to Little Owls Nursery


Applications for Nursery places are dealt with by our school office team. Please complete the Registration of Interest for Future Admission form - click here or if you have any questions call us on 01902 500450 or email our Office Manager, Mrs Robbins


Rising Three’s

Places are offered in order of which registration of interest forms are received. and are subject to availability.

Places chargeable until the term after your child turns three years old, at which point universal 15 hours funding will start (see date ranges below for eligibility).

If you are in receipt of a Think 2 voucher please provide school office with a copy so that we can arrange for the funding claim to be processed. 

Please use this link to view the eligibility criteria for Think2 funding. 


Three and Four Year Olds

Funding for the universal 15 hours will start from the term after the child’s 3rd birthday (as follows):

•             1 January - 31 March, funded places can start in the summer term (from 1 April);

•             1 April - 31 August, funded places can start in the autumn term (from 1 September);

•             1 September - 31 December, funded places can start in the spring term (from 1 January);

For example, if a child is 3 years old between 1st April - 31st August, they will be eligible for funded places from 1 September. These dates are fixed and independent of school term dates.

Additional information regarding up to 30 hours per week can be found at 30 hours funding will only be available to those with a VALID CODE.


Entry Reception classes


Applications for Reception places are dealt with by Staffordshire County Council, phone: 0300 111 8000 or click on admissions link (at the bottom of this page). Staffordshire County Council handle all questions and issues arising; schools remain neutral in this process.

We have one intake each year, at the start of the Autumn Term.

Reception pupils are normally admitted to school in the September following their 4th birthday- we have a maximum intake of 60 children. Prospective parents are most welcome to make an appointment to look around our school or to visit on an Open Day.

Parents should make the application for their child in the Autumn of the year before their child starts school. Places are allocated in the late Spring / early Summer Term. Following this stage, some parents choose to appeal to Staffordshire County Council if their choices have not been met.

Once we know our exact intake, we begin the process of ensuring every child's entry into school is happy and relaxed. In the Summer Term before the September start, parents are invited to an Open Evening to find out more about how we work and ask any questions they might still have. This meeting also gives parents the opportunity to meet and talk with the Reception class teacher and other support staff. Also, children are invited to visit the Reception class and stay for a school lunch with their parents (currently subject to Coronavirus restrictions).


Entry into Years 1 - Years 4


Parents of older children, moving into the area, are welcome to make an appointment to visit the school and to discuss admission with the Headteacher. As with entry into Reception, all applications for places are dealt with by Staffordshire County Council. click here for more information