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 Dear Mrs Bennett & all of the wonderful staff at PFS,


The new website is wonderful, very quirky, colourful and easy to follow.

I love that I can view what each class has been doing especially Little Owls as Noah sometimes can't explain it all!!

Im looking forward to seeing what Finley has been doing in Kingfishers :-)


We have just been to see Reception in full flow, ready for Noah to continue his PFS journey next September. It was amazing, Mrs Smith, Mrs Armstrong & the support staff are doing a wonderful job in there. The children were so animated in their learning, involving me in it aswell!!!


You are a fantastic school, with a dedicated & caring staff team.

Keep up the good work in educating and taking care of my boys.


Lauren Fones x


Thank you for your lovely comments - it is so nice to be appreciated.












Miss J Parker  ( has submitted a message via the 'Guestbook' form.


 Dear Mrs Bennett


What a stunning new website!   It really reflects the vibrant, happy place I have the good fortune to visit from time to time!   Well done to all involved in creating this!


Miss Parker

Thank you for your kind words Miss Parker - we really like St. Nic's website too! Best wishes, Mrs Bennett










Lynne Cox added on 19.10.15


 well done its fantastic everyone will love it hello to all of you xxxx


Thanks Lynne - hope you're keeping well! Love from Mrs Bennett x






layla from tracy beaker

06 July 2015 09:58:48
THIS SCHOOL IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christine Hawthorne
12 December 2014 08:24:41
We came to watch our granddaughter Poppy in the reception class Christmas nativity last week, it was wonderful and all the children did so well. Well done to all for their hard work.
Becki Watson-Green
18 September 2014 14:35:33
My daughter Darcie has recently transitioned to Night Owls and has been so full of how wonderful it is...!!

Thank you so much for creating an environment that encourages fun and independence amongst our children but at the same time gives parents the confidence their children are being cared for in a well controlled manner.

Certainly gives me peace of mind to know Darcie's happy and safe whilst I'm at work.

In fact my days have become longer as Darcie told me I collected her to early on one occasion as she was having too much fun ! I'm sure my employer is happy !!

We just love seeing Darcie's happy smile in Night Owls - she brightens our days! Mrs Bennett
Estee Griffin
11 July 2014 12:43:00
A huge congratulations to all year 4 pupils and teachers for a superb leavers concert.
Well done for achieving a fantastic long lasting memory for everyone watching.
Wishing you every success for the next part of your exciting journeys.
Amber F and Daryl S
15 May 2014 17:08:56
The school website is amazing
Andrew Watabiki
13 May 2014 17:39:38
I'm Ambers Grandad I'd like to say what a wonderful school this is!
Amber F
12 May 2014 17:38:50
Hi i am Amber again and i says Best... Day... Ever!
Amber F
12 May 2014 17:32:16
This is an amazing website.
Libby Checketts
21 September 2013 21:27:09
Hello, I am an ex-pupil at Perton First and I decided to check back at the website. I started at Perton almost 10 years ago and wow! Only two of my teachers there have left, how amazing is that!? All my favourite teachers are still teaching. I am wondering though, does the school still have connections with Kenya as the main teacher involved in this has left? Such a pleasure in seeing how much the school I grew up with has progressed,

Libby x
Vincent Keegan
22 July 2013 22:54:01
Luca S. released a balloon,presumably from your school.
I found the balloon in Djouce golf club on Saturday 20/7/13.
Which is situated 23 kilometres from Roundwood Co Wicklow ( the highest village in Ireland). Quite a journey congratulations. Google Djouce golf club and you may be able to get the longitude/latitude.
Regards Vincent Keegan
Anna Mayore
19 July 2013 20:02:26
Thank you to all the Year 2 team. I have had a great year and can't wait to start Year 3 with Miss Foreman.
Thomas Fairclough
11 May 2013 10:24:35
I love the Monster Mind reader on the maths link!!
Emily Baggott
28 March 2013 20:17:21
I love the new website,I love going on it!!!It is great because you can see all the important information clearly.Thank you to all the teachers at perton first.Thank you Miss Turner for a wonderful victorian day!!!
Emma Mayor
23 March 2013 11:02:33
Well done to staff governors and students on a great OFSTED result.I thought the report was glowing and reflected the dedication towards learning and community aspects of our school.

Thank you very much - it's nice to be appreciated!
Angela McGrath
13 March 2013 08:02:34
ps the new website is much improved the boys love the children's links!!
Angela McGrath
13 March 2013 08:00:26
Ryan and Connor love going to Perton First School every morning. It is a delight to see how positive and excited they are each morning and a testament to the schools teaching and the environment they are in, thank you to all the staff at Perton First School. We are very lucky to have such an excellent school on our door step. Angela McGrath
Steph Evans
12 March 2013 08:01:11
Brilliant new website for a brilliant school. Harriet loves the bright new look of the website, and there is so much useful information on here for parents too.
Richard Lewis
11 March 2013 20:00:53
Great website .Well Done PFS
Liz Lewis
11 March 2013 19:50:50
Wow what a brilliant new website. Just wanted to say that we are enjoying filling in the home links book for our son in reception. Well done Mrs Aulton and Mrs Armstrong.
Louise Careless
11 March 2013 18:46:07
What an amazing new website, very informative and user friendly - much better than before. It reflects the school in everyway, caring with high standards and principals and putting the children at the heart of everything they do. Thanks to all the staff for everything they do for our fabulous children!
Nick Newey
08 March 2013 18:09:01
I came to the 'shine assembly' this morning and both Sharon and myself thought it was a wonderful assembly. The Mothers Day theme was lovely and the way it was set up was fantastic. Well done Miss Foreman and well done year 4.

Hannah Fairclough
31 January 2013 12:03:52
I love this new site! So much useful information for parents and the children. Thank you!
lynne abby and emily cox
30 January 2013 19:04:16
very good we like !!
Donna Newton
30 January 2013 18:26:39
Brilliant, refreshing website with all relevant information and documents in an easily accessible place.
Rachael Horton
30 January 2013 16:46:58
New web site is easier to access and the children's pages are great - my son could not wait to access them! Well done.
sian summers
29 January 2013 22:15:32
Looks really gud , and enjoyed reading it .
Well done :)
Emma Mayor
29 January 2013 20:47:06
Lovely bright new site. I particularly like the curriculum pages.
madeline middleton
29 January 2013 17:55:50
I love the new website. It is cool! (Maddie 2RT)
Lauranne Middleton
29 January 2013 15:00:18
What a bright, cheerful website. Looks fabulous!
29 January 2013 14:38:48
Well done - I like the new approach
Terina Smith-Round
29 January 2013 12:53:58
Lovely fresh looking to the new website page.
lynne Jones
29 January 2013 12:25:25
I have really enjoyed looking through the new website.
great Job guys.
Lynne Jones
29 January 2013 12:07:49
great new website.I will be saving this to my favourites :)
Natalie Morelli
29 January 2013 11:01:50
Great school website!
Emma Pemberton
29 January 2013 10:12:47
Lovely new web page and very easy to use .
Andrew Perry
29 January 2013 10:02:58
I love the new website!