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At our school we reward good behaviour, as we believe that this will develop kind and caring children.


Here are some of the ways in which we praise and reward our children for good behaviour:

  • we congratulate them with a smile and a positive comment

  • we give them stickers

  • we award house points

  • we award ‘star of the day’

  • Golden Table - children who have behaved exceptionally well at lunchtime are awarded a Golden Table sticker and will sit on Golden Table with a friend of their choosing for a week.

  • We celebrate achievements every Friday in Shine Assembly

  • Children who have been chosen as 'Shining Stars' by their class teacher receive a Headteacher sticker and a certificate 



Every child from Reception to Year 4 has a sticker chart where they collect stickers for being Star of the Day. When they reach key milestones, they receive awards in Shine Assembly. Their family are invited into Shine Assembly on Fridays to join the celebration!


  • 28 stars - children are awarded a Bronze badge and certificate
  • 42 stars - children are awarded a Silver badge and certificate

  • 56 stars - children are awarded a Gold badge and certificate

  • 70 stars - children are awarded a platinum badge and certificate


  • We also celebrate our children's achievements through:

    • Artist of the Week

    • Reader of the Week

    • Writer of the Week

    • Maths Star

    • Sports Star

  • Lyn Aston Trophy – this is awarded to a pupil who ‘goes the extra mile’ and is an exemplary role model for others.


We display and celebrate our children's achievements in Celebration Corner. Our children feel very proud when they are in Celebration Corner and they know how proud our school and their family is of their achievement.



This list is not exhaustive and we work very hard to acknowledge all the efforts and achievements of all our children, both in and out of school.