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Mindfullness Resources for Children


Your children will likely experience some big emotions during this time. The activities recommended below are ideal for children ages 4 - 10, and can help address a specific emotion to work through these feelings — together.

Feeling Anxious

  •  Children describe anxiety as a sense of butterflies in the stomach, or having a hard time falling asleep because the mind can’t stop thinking. Rather than get caught up in worried thoughts or feelings, children can focus their attention on something they can do to address their emotions, like these activities here:


Feeling Restless

  • Being stuck at home, children may have a lot of energy they just don’t know what to do with! Here are some ways for everyone to use their bodies and all of their senses to work off some energy: 

Feeling Angry or Annoyed
  • If your child is feeling frustrated by someone or something, they might want to scream or yell or lose their cool. When big emotions come up, these activities can help kids cool down

Feeling Gratitude & Kindness
  • Whenever we are having a hard time, there’s always something we can do, like remembering a few good things that make us feel happy and grateful or practicing kindness. Here are a few recommendations to focus on

Having a Hard Time Sleeping
  • With so much going on, it can be challenging to put children down to bed or create an environment for them to get a truly restful sleep. These activities are especially great at the end of the day: