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Reception - Tawny Owls

Summer 1 in Tawny Owls Class.


We would like to welcome everybody back after the half-term and we are now looking forward to moving on to our new topic of 'Pirates and Under the Sea.'

UPDATE! Pirates have captured Ollie Owl, whilst we were enjoying the sun last weekend. We have been writing Ollie notes of reassurance in our Literacy. We are still continuing to return him back safe, if you spot him when you are out and about please let Tawny Owls know.

We are working very hard to learn new facts and share our knowledge about the various characters that sailed the seven seas. We have had a 'Pirate dress up day', where we came into school as characters and used our imaginations to pretend to be pirates in school.

We will have lots of updated pictures and information about what we are learning this term.


Our current learning is all about 'Pirates'.


Welcome to Tawny Owls.


We are now learning about 'Growth' as we enter into Spring Term 2. This week we have had some very special visitors come into school. In Reception Class we are now focusing on various life-cycles and we have been able to watch the initial stages of the life-cycle of a hen.  We are sharing our understanding through talking and writing about what is happening to our eggs in the incubator. This has linked in with our Literacy work and also our Maths, understanding time and temperature, it has been great fun! This week we are looking forward to holding the baby chicks that have hatched and are now strong enough for us to handle them, they are growing daily. As a class we have to care for the chicks and help us to understand about how we need to care for the world around us. Please see our pictures of our special visitors below. Another exciting part of our Spring learning is to visit a farm in Shropshire, this will enable us to see and feed the baby animals and explore 'Growth' in more detail.


The eggs have started to hatch.


Our Chicks have hatched and we are having great fun watching them grow!

Our Chicks have hatched and we are having great fun watching them grow!  1

Baby Chicks Adventure!

This week we had feathers scattered all over our classroom, one of the chicks had planned an escape to go on an adventure.surprise As part of our Literacy work,  we had to decide where he had been and what he had been upto! As we now know Chicks love adventures, we even think he has been pretending to be the teacher, as there were feathers on

Mrs Murray's Chair.

Reception Class Trip to Rays Farm -  March 2017

We had a very special day, when we went on our trip, we were able to meet lots of friendly animals. A big part of learning was about the world around us and were able to go on an exciting adventure trail through the mythical woods and Fairy-tale Forest. We followed a sculpture trail and found lots of unique wood carvings, along the way we shared ideas and spoke about different characters that we found. After exploring, and playing in the forest, we had lunch. In the afternoon, we went off to see lots of different animals on the farm. We were able to meet and feed the animals; it was great fun and even saw some Tawny Owls what a hoot!

Below are some of the animals that we saw on our Spring Farm Adventure!


Picture 1 The horses enjoyed eating straw in the sunshine.
Picture 2 Daphne the pig grunted as we fed her food.
Picture 3 The reindeers were resting ready for the big day!
Picture 4 Berty was a very cheeky goat who loves to escape.
Picture 5 We learn't new facts about what Owls can eat.

Spring 1- Learning in Tawny Owls.


We returned back to school to find enormous footprints in our classroom. We are now learning about the topic of ‘Dinosaurs and Growth’. We had a visit from Mummy Dinosaur; she left us an egg to look after and a letter asking for our help.

We have been caring for the egg and writing notes back to her as part of our Literacy work, about how the egg is doing. In our Maths work we are ordering numbers and having been learning about measure. Throughout our classroom our activities and learning links to the topic. This is enabling us to challenge ourselves and work hard to achieve our Early Learning Goals! We are having great fun in our learning and developing our ideas and understanding of our topic.




Another exciting aspect of our learning is that we are moving forwards with our learning in Phonics, we are now developing the skills of learning and applying Phase 3 in our Literacy and working very hard with our reading. We are very proud of you all and how hard you are working in your learning.




Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Murray, Mrs Turvey and Mrs Brookes.smiley



We have had great fun this term and worked very hard in all aspects of our learning , pictures of our learning are located below, please take a look. Another important aspect of our learning that we have focused on this term has been E-safety week. Smartie the Penguin helped us to 'Keep Safe' whilst we are online.




We would like to wish you all a very restful and happy Half-term and we look forward to welcoming you back ready for our exciting new topic of 'Growth'. As part of our learning we are looking at lifecycles of different creatures, mini-beasts and changes within the world around us.

Well done Tawny Owls! We are very proud of all of you and your hard work this term.

Mrs Murray, Mrs Turvey and Mrs Brookes smiley






Dinosaur learning in our classroom

Dinosaur learning in our classroom 1 We have been caring for the egg.
Dinosaur learning in our classroom 2 Dinosaurs have bones too!
Dinosaur learning in our classroom 3 We have been describing dinosaurs in our Literacy
Dinosaur learning in our classroom 4 We are learning new sounds.
Dinosaur learning in our classroom 5 Can you make a dinosaur skeleton?
Dinosaur learning in our classroom 6 We can talk and write about dinosaurs.

Curriculum Overview for 'Dinosaurs and Growth'

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Tawny  Owls.




We have been learning about Chinese New Year, we have had lots of fun learning about other cultures and looking at similarities and differences around the world. In our Maths learning we have used our skills in using everyday language relating to money and also measuring when baking our dragon biscuits. We have also been Chinese dragons in P.E. and had a visit from a Chinese dragon puppet that left us Lucky money envelopes. It has been so much fun!




Picture 1 Using everyday language relating to money.
Picture 2 Making our dragon biscuits.
Picture 3 Having fun using our skills to mix ingredients.
Picture 4 Eating our dragon biscuits and having chinese tea.
Picture 1 Afternoon tea with the Rooster. Kung Hey Fat Choi!