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Welcome to Tawny Owls' Class.





To our classroom.




In Tawny Owls this week, we have been very busy with our settling into our class and new routines. Everybody has tried very hard and through excellent listening skills, have been able to follow instructions to make our transition into Reception class as smooth as possible. You have all had a 'Super' week and we are very proud of you all, well done smiley

Mrs Murray, Mrs Turvey & Mrs Brookes.













We are now in our Summer Term and have started  a new topic, 'The Circle of Life.' We have begun by looking closely at mini-beasts around school and went on a minibeast hunt.  We went into the garden and pond area to see some real frog spawn, and tadpoles, it was very exciting and we had great fun.

On Monday we had a special delivery of 'living eggs' and within three days we observed the changes that happened and the eggs began to hatch. We have got a special tank in class, so that we can see the changes that are happening and how the chicks develop and grow.

Our topic will include observing growth in plants, minibeasts, animals and people. Later on this term, we are having another special delivery of caterpillars, we will be able to experience the amazing things happen to caterpillars during their lives!

We have sent out our 'existing knowledge sheet' please could you share them with your children, so that we can build on your child's understanding of the topic and inform our planning to extend our learning even further.

At home, you can support our theme by encouraging minibeast hunts, exploring the world around you and looking closely at what the children find and naming them. Here are a few ideas of what you may try and find, we would love to hear about your adventures.




Activities that we used in our Parent Writing session.These fun activities help us to develp our writing skills.


We have been learning lots in our new topic 'Space-Explorers and Space.' It has been lots of fun!

We have had lots of stories relating to space adventures and have been working hard to write labels and lists that link with the topic, using our phonics to help us. In our phonics we are now working on phase 2 and phase 3 sounds, this is helping to develop our reading and writing skills further.  Another fantastic part of our term was how we have been working hard to follow our 'Golden Rules' and have filled our reward rainbow. For our reward we had a 'Space Picnic' and made cheese space sandwiches to eat with our friends.

In Maths we have used our skills to count up and down to 20, so that we can blast off our rockets. We have also continued to develop our understanding of number and can count out amounts to match a number. We will continue to work on our Ten-Town scheme and secure our number knowledge.


During this term we have been also learning about the special celebration of 'Chinese New Year', we created word dragons and in P.E we used our skills to create our own Chinese dragon and danced around the hall, it was great fun!







Autumn 2 

Welcome back after half-term, we have settled back into our school routine and are working very hard to meet learning challenges set. We are now looking at 'Real Life Superheroes', this will include people in our families, and professionals such as Doctor's, Nurses, Fire-fighters and people who help us. 


In Literacy we are continuing to learn Phase 2 phonics and using skills to segment and blend simple words.  We are having good fun identifying rhyming strings too. In Maths this term we will continue working through Ten Town and using skills to identify amounts and continue to develop our understanding of numbers in greater depth. We will also be learning about is 2D shapes and linking it to shapes all around us.

As we move through the term we will be  practising our Nativity play and we will be sending out character parts and lines during the coming week. Please can we ask that you help your child to learn their lines at home too, ready for our performance.

Many thanks for your support smiley


We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all, ready for learning in the New Year.







Autumn 1

Tawny Owls, we would like to say a huge “Well done!” on your first full week, especially at lunch-time and how you are developing independence. We are very proud of you all, you are trying hard throughout the day with your fantastic listening skills. Our learning has been through free-choice activities, but we have been busy focusing on our daily routines and familiarising ourselves with our 'Golden Rules' in school. This helps us to build relationships and work together.

We have also began to learn our Phonics songs, actions and sounds, this has been great fun. 

You have all been 'Super.'





In Tawny Owls,  we have been busy 'superheroes' and we have learn't two phases of our Phase 2 sounds already in Phonics. We have also been sharing the book 'Supertato'. We have really enjoyed it and have been identifying initial sounds of the vegetables in the book. Please check into our BugClub reading site too and share the books that are allocated weekly.


In our Maths we have been working on our number recognition with our TenTown Characters. We have also been using our Numicon resource, this is giving us greater understanding into how numbers work.


Don’t forget….

Child initiated learning takes place Outdoors throughout the year, regardless of weather, so please ensure that your child is suitably dressed for the ever changing British weather.

Water is provided at Snack-times and is freely available throughout the day. Children can bring a labelled water bottle but we remind you that we are only allowed plain water because we are a ‘Healthy School’.

We are friendly team so if you have any worries or would like a bit of advice please don't hesitate to speak to one of us:

Mrs Murray, Mrs Turvey & Mrs Brookes.