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Who's Who

Come and meet our fantastic, highly talented and dedicated staff team!

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Anne Bennett - Headteacher

Mrs Ruth Turvey - Deputy Headteacher & Senco

Mr Luke Wylde - Assistant Headteacher


Office Staff

Mrs Debbie Robbins - Office Manager

Mrs Libby Vjestica - Clerical Assistant

Mrs Sally Richardson - Clerical Assistant


Classes ...


Little Owls Nursery

Mrs Emily Harris  - Teacher

Miss Lisa Martin - Nursery Nurse

Miss Katie Trow - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Angela McGrath - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rachel Knight - Teaching Assistant

Miss Sally Davies - Teaching Assistant


Reception - Snowy Owls & Tawny Owls

Mrs Kim Murray - Tawny Owls Class Teacher (Monday - Thursday)

Mrs Ruth Turvey - Tawny Owls Class Teacher & Early Years Leader (Friday)

Mrs Zoe Kulin - Snowy Owls Class Teacher

Mrs Michelle Brookes - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Wood - Teaching Assistant

Miss Sami Martin - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Hughes - Teaching Assistant

Miss Karina Van Den Brink - Teaching Assistant


Year 1 - Robins & Woodpeckers

Mrs Alison Smith - Robins Class Teacher

Miss Claire Foreman - Woodpeckers Class Teacher & English Leader

Mrs Rachael Horton - Teaching Assistant

Miss Goda Dargyte  - Teaching Assistant


Year 2 - Eagles & Nightingales

Mrs Helen Aulton - Eagles Class Teacher & Maths Leader

Miss Lauren Turner - Nightingales Class Teacher

Mrs Stephanie Evans - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rachel Roberts - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rachel Parlor - Teaching Assistant



Year 3 - Kingfishers & Swans

Mrs Sarah Culverhouse - Swans Class Teacher (Thursday & Friday)

Miss Emma Goodhew - Swans Class Teacher (Monday - Wednesday)

Mr Nicholas Dobson  - Kingfishers Class Teacher

Mrs Sue Handley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Maya Summan - Teaching Assistant


Year 4 - Parrots & Penguins

Mr Luke Wylde - Parrots Class Teacher

Mr Jordan Walton - Penguins Class Teacher

Mrs Jayne Bannister - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Maria Lynch - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rachel Parlor - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Chris Hopkins - PE Leader

Mrs Cindy Vickers - HLTA

Mrs Wendy Davies - Display Technician