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Australia Art

Australian Art Activities 

Our topic this term would have been 'What a Wonderful World'. We would have spent time learning about life in another country to ours- Australia! There are lots of activities in the Geography section of our Home Learning page, but here are some ideas (that we would have done in school too) that will link the topic to more creative activities you can do from home. Enjoy and send us a picture! 


Dot Paintings 

Learn about the indigenous people of Australia using the PowerPoint below. In school, we create dot paintings in the style of Aboriginal rock paintings and artworks. Everyone has different resources at home, but if you do have some paint, dipping a cotton-wool bud or rubber ended pencil makes dots perfectly! If not, dotting with felt tips or pencils would work well too. 


Observational Drawing

We would have spent some time practising drawing from observation, using different media (pencil, biros, felts, fineliners, paints, charcoal, chalk). Again, use whatever you have at home! We link these art skills to our Australia learning, practising drawing pictures of Australian landmarks and animals. We usually make a big display of this artwork, so if you do complete some, send it to us and we'll upload it to our class page.