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Y2 Art Project

"The Great Year 2 Exhibition"

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In school we would have spent lots of time learning about the work of 'Van Gogh'. Take a look through his most famous artworks in the links below and learn about Van Gogh's interesting (and quite sad!) life. 



We would love children to have a go at re-creating some of these artworks at home! Using pencils, paints, crayons, computer programmes, collage, oil pastels, chalk... whichever way they choose and using whatever you may have at home! Have fun and be creative.  

In school, we would display our artwork on the wall. As we can't currently do this, send us a picture of your child's artwork (without them in it) and we will create our own Year 2 'Great Exhibition' of work on this website for everyone to admire. 


See your friend's artwork here!