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Online Learning

For those of you who are now learning online, this page is full of useful links and activities that we think may help you to enjoy and engage with our home learning programme. 


What will online learning look like for my child? 

Everyday, use Teams to join live learning with either Miss Turner or Mrs Aulton. We will be online for live sessions at:

9am: Good Morning and English input

11am: Maths input

1pm: Spelling Practise and an afternoon activity

3pm: Goodbyes, Well Done and sometimes, a story. 

If you cannot join us live at these times, don't worry- videos are saved and can be watched at any time throughout the day. If you are having problems accessing live learning or prerecorded videos, do email and we will try to help. 


For safeguarding purposes, please make sure that children's cameras and microphones are turned off when on Teams. We can only begin recording when all cameras and mics are disabled. Thank you! 


Tasks and activities will be uploaded onto J2E. If you are watching live, we suggest you do not complete any of these activities beforehand as the teacher will explain how to do them in the session. However, if you are unable to watch, the sheets will often have an audio explanation as to what to do. You can press 'edit' to type directly onto the sheet (make sure you press 'save' so that teachers can see your work!),  you can print off the page, or you can complete the work on a piece of paper. 


To contact teachers, or to send a photograph of children's work for feedback, use the Year 2 contact email 

Crib sheet for accessing J2E files and finding prerecorded video sessions on Teams