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What have been learning in school?

Would Stick Man Visit Our Sensory Garden?

We have loved reading the story of 'Stick Man'. 

We have learned about different habitats and microhabitats, using our sensory garden to conduct minibeast hunts. We have explored the reasons why different creatures choose certain habitats to live in, and recorded the microhabitats we found. 

What did Nightingale Class find in the Sensory Garden?

Stick Man even wrote us a letter! It was very exciting and we quickly got to work in writing him a letter back. We described our sensory garden and told Stick Man all of the fabulous things there are to do in there. We made Stick Man collages too and decorated our classroom! 

We have been enjoying doing lots of writing again in school. We have been writing independently, as well as doing Shared Writing as a class to inspire us. We have spelling and phonics lessons everyday, where we have been recapping some learning from Year 1, as well as practising spelling strategies for new words too.