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'The Great Exhibition' (Children's artwork)

Year 2's Great Exhibition 


Wow! Look at the amazing Van Gogh inspired artwork we have been creating from home... 

Ethan's Starry Night
Henley's Sunflowers
Stan's Van Gogh inspired drawing
Mayzee's Sunflowers
Lucas' Sunflowers
Theo's Sunflowers
Eve's Sunflowers
Joshua's glittery Starry Night
Noah's Sunflowers
Anais' Starry Night
Lucas B's Starry Night
Sayuri's Starry Night
Olivia's Sunflowers
Ariana's Sunflowers
Lucy's Sunflowers
Mayzee's Self Portrait
Archie's Cypress and Star
William's Starry Night
Sophie's Wheatfield with Cypresses