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Summer 2 Science Project : Healthy Me 

We would have spent this half term learning and investigating the human body and the things we need to do to keep it healthy. Linked to Sports Day and Healthy Living Week, we would have had fun by getting outdoors to conduct experiments and by designing and making menus that would encourage a balanced diet. Hopefully you will find some ideas here for some learning opportunities at home. Again, over the coming weeks, feel free to explore these in a way that your child will find motivating! 


The main objectives are to: 

  • Understand that we keep our bodies healthy through eating a balanced diet, doing exercise, getting a good night's sleep and staying clean and hygienic.

  • Label the heart and lungs on a diagram of the body and know why these organs are important. 

  • Investigate and experience what happens to the body when we exercise (heart rate increases, breathing gets deeper and faster, our temperature rises, we might sweat.) Understand that this is good for our body as it increases our fitness!

  • Look at the 'Eat Well Plate' and understand that a diet is best when it is 'balanced'. There are foods we should eat everyday, sometimes and other just occasionally. 

  • Understand '5 a day' and that fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamins to keep our body working well. 

  • Design and make a healthy snack. (In school, we would have made a sandwich/ salad/ soup/ fruit kebab). We would have done some food tasting of new and different fruits and vegetables too! 

  • We planned to use the planters outside of Year 2 to grow our own vegetables; for those of you who do, or can do, this at home, this is a great learning opportunity for children. 


Some simple + practical ideas might be:

  • Setting up some circuits in the garden. Measuring heart rate when resting and then during and after exercise. What happens to your body? 

  • Teaching children how to find their pulse!

  • Choose a favourite song- dance to the whole song and then notice how you feel (Happier? Heart racing? Muscles aching? etc)

  • Using online exercise videos (Joe Wicks, Cosmic Kids) to learn about exercise and the body. 

  • Holding a little home 'sports day'. 

  • Getting in the kitchen to make some healthy snacks and meals. 

  • Trying new foods and vegetables and recording taste, texture, appearance.

  • If you can, growing something simple (cress, herbs, tomatoes).