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What have we been learning this term?

What did the Victorians ever do for us?


During the Spring Term, we will be learning about Victorian Britain. Through exploring artefacts, enjoying our Victorian school role play area and learning about significant people and events, we will be experts by the time we visit Blists Hill on March 13th!


The children have loved learning about Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Van Gogh, William Morris and Florence Nightingale during this topic. They have also read Oliver Twist and explored lots of the themes within this story. It has been wonderful to see how much this history topic has inspired them!  


Project Finale: To celebrate our learning and love of the Victorian era, children planned their own Victorian Tea Dance.

  • Children learned how to count three beats in a bar of music. They worked together to produce and practise a waltz to perform at the tea dance.
  • Children learned how to draw and design in the style of William Morris. They created mood boards and drafts, before designing their own tea plates to use at the party.
  • We had a baking day! Children each made and filled their own Victorian Sponge cake.
  • Everyone enjoyed the Tea Dance, waltzing and eating our delicious home made cakes with a cup of tea!
  • We shared our learning, our project finale and our visit to Blists Hill with parents during our class assembly.