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Our Lowry Inspired Artwork

We had fun learning about L.S. Lowry.

L.S. Lowry is one of Britain's most famous artists from the 19th Century. He is famous for painting matchstick characters.

We developed our mouse skills, using a computer, to create our own pictures in the style of Lowry. 

by Amy and Oakley
by Annabelle and Joseph
by Daniel and Philip
By Ellie and Gio
by Ellie and Jeevan
by Indiana and Ava
by Indiana
by Isla and Jacob
by Jacob C and Bella
by Jacob R and Isla
by Jeevan and Ellie
by Joseph and Annabelle
by Keira and Amarleen
by Logan and Savana
by Louis and Sofia
by Maddie and Oscar
by Mollie and Ethan
by Oakley and Amy
by Oscar and Maddie
by Philip and Daniel
by Poppy and Elsa
by Savana and Logan
by Sienna and Jessica
by Sofia and Louis