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Our Kandinsky Art

To celebrate World Maths Day in March, we looked at the artist Kandinsky and his famous painting of circles.


We used circles of different sizes and printed them inside each other to try and 

re-create Kandinsky's painting. We think we did a terrific job! What do you think?

Amarleen's work
Amy's work
Annabelle's work
Ava's work
Bella's work
Daniel's work
Ellie-May's work
Elsa's work
Gio's work
Indiana's work
Isla's work
Jacob C's work
Jacob R's work
Jessica's work
Joseph's work
Keira's work
Logan's work
Louis's work
Maddie's work
Mollie's work
Oakley's work
Oscar's work
Philip's work
Poppy's work
Savana's work
Sienna's work
Sofia's work