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Can you we help Leaf, the lost polar bear, to get back home?

Today, to kick start our topic "What a Wonderful World," we read a lovely story called Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann. It is all about a polar bear who is lost, far away from home.

When a polar bear arrives unexpectedly in the woods, the animals fear and avoid him, suspecting him to be dangerous - and his habit of collecting leaves only adds to their distrust. Then one day, they watch as he attempts to fly over the water with wings made of colourful leaves...just trying to go home. ... 


In the story, Leaf was not very successful so we thought we would try to come up with better ideas to help him get home. Lots of us designed special wings out of natural materials and some children even wanted to design him a special boat.

Have a look below at our spectacular designs that we had great fun creating.


Sensational Sunflowers

This week we have had great fun with Mrs Wood painting sunflowers (whilst we wait for ours to grow). We used a fork to create the petals, our finger to create the seeds in the centre of the flower head and a brush to paint the stem and leaves. Don't they look beautiful? 

Terrific Tangrams


For World Maths Day 2021 we decided to combine maths with art. We had great fun creating Tangram pictures using just 7 2D shapes. Can you name the shapes we have used? Can you spot the animals that some of us made too?

Home Learning Art Work

Just take a look at some of the fabulous art work Year 1 have been doing at home.


Our Favourite Toys


Today, during our home school art lesson, the children had a go at an observational drawing of their favourite toy. First they looked carefully at the outline, next they added in the details and finally they added the correct colours. I'm sure you will agree how fantastic they look and so like the original toy.

 We Will Remember Them 

We have been learning about Remembrance Day and learning why we wear poppies.

We have read the book

"Where the Poppies Now Grow," by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey.

It is the story of Ray and Ben, two childhood friends who go off to fight in the First World War.

We thought about what happens on Remembrance Day and why we are thankful. We did some writing and turned it into a soldier. We were very impressed with our very own Perton First School regiment. We hope you are too!

Our Soldiers

Bear Necessities

As part of our Bears topic, we have been learning about Paddington Bear.

We have used our painting and collage skills to create our very own Paddington. Take a look, I'm sure you'll agree they all look fabulous!