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Maths- Shape

Main Shape Objectives:

  • I can name all the 2-D shapes and describe them.
  • I can name all the 3-D shapes and describe them.
  • I can sort shapes into groups.
  • I can draw lines of symmetry.


Practical Activities:

· Shape Hunt– explore and identify shapes in your environment! Go on a shape hunt around your house, in the garden or look for shapes whilst out on a walk. You might want to take a piece of  paper to record your findings in a tally chart or just talk about what you can see.

· Make shapes with your toys.

· Make shapes with your body.

· Draw different shapes using, paint, chalk etc

· Fill a squeezy bottle with water, squeeze the water out  into different shapes.

· Make a picture using different shapes.

· Playdough shapes.

· Describe a shape– how many guesses does it take for someone to guess your shape!

· Feely bag of shapes- put your hand in the bag and describe what you can feel.

·  Give instructions for someone to draw a shape.

· Look for symmetry in the environment.

· Paint a symmetrical picture.

· Use natural objects to create a symmetrical picture.