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Maths- Measures

This half term we would have been revisiting some of the areas of Maths we had covered earlier in the year!


Measures- capacity, length, temperature and weight.

These are the Learning Objectives:

  • Compare and order lengths, mass, volume/capacity and record the results using>,<and=
  • Choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure length/height in any direction(m/cm);mass(kg/g);temperature(°C);capacity (litres/ml)to the nearest appropriate unit, using rulers, scales, thermometers and measuring vessel 


We would have done lots of practical activities to cover the topic of Measures.


  • Bake cakes together. Talk about the weight of flour, the volume of milk, number of eggs, the amount of time the cakes will bake for, how hot the oven will be.
  • Comparing weights – Look at packets, boxes, cans etc Read the weight which is heavier/lighter



· Are you taller than a …?

· Marking height on the wall.

· Cut hand shapes out of paper. How many hands long is the sofa? How long is the table? Which is longer?

· Who has the biggest hands in our family?

· How many steps from the gate to the front door?

· Measure a variety of objects in the house/garden.

· How far can you throw a ball?




· Provide lots of different containers in the sandpit or water tray. Talk about concepts such as heavy, light, full and empty.

· Look at how much a container will hold, and see if it still holds that amount if you pour it out and then in again. See if you can find two different shaped containers that hold the same amount.

  • Compare weight or capacity of different containers.