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If you need to stay at home, please find details of work we will be doing in class. You may want to have a go yourself at home. Please also take a look at our children's page and parent page for more useful links and information about our learning in Year 1.


This week in Phonics we are learning to read and write the trigraphs ear, air and ure. We are also making sure we can read and spell the tricky word they. Please use your Espresso at home login to access phonics videos teaching these sounds and to find activities to practise them. Search for Polly's Phonics.

Espresso Home Login: Username: student30477 Password: perton

On our children's page there is also a link to a site called Phonics Bloom which has some great free games to practise your sounds.


English Writing

In English we are reading a book called Where's My Teddy by Jez Alborough.

This week we are trying to make up our own "lost story," just like Eddy and his lost teddy. First we will make sure we can say the story and then we will have a go at writing it down. Think....What did you lose? How did you feel? Where did you find it? See the story plan template below to help.


English Reading

You should continue to read your reading books on Bug Club.


In Maths this week we are learning about place value by counting one more and by comparing numbers using the signs < > and =.


This week we are focusing on science and thinking about materials. We will be going on a materials hunt around the classroom and making sure we know the names of the materials: wood, glass, plastic, metal, rock and fabric. We are then making sure we know the difference between materials and objects that are made from those materials. Take a look on Espresso for some lovely resources on materials. Search in Science 1. Then have a go at the activity sheet below.