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What a Wonderful World!

Our geography project this term would have taught children about the difference between countries and continents. We would have:

  • Learned to locate the UK on a world map. Children would find and label England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland. 
  • Found capital cities and towns/ cities important to us on a map of the UK, using Google Maps and atlases to help us. 
  • Named and located the 7 continents. We would understand that continents are a cluster of countries. 
  • Learned about a contrasting country. This would have been Australia. 
  • Located Australia on a world map. Children would have learned to label a map of Australia with key cities, territories and landmarks. 
  • Learned about Australian landmarks (Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Ayers Rock/Uluru, Great Barrier Reef). 
  • Linked some of our science learning on animals to finding out about Australian animals. 
The following activities will help children to explore some of these things from home. Feel free to explore this topic however in any way you choose. If you don't have a printer, there are some websites and videos that will work just as well in learning about maps, continents and countries without paper. Let us know how you get on- we love to see photos and hear about what you have enjoyed doing!