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The Final Year 3 Task!


Year 3 Writing Activity

Monday 6th July to Friday 17th July


This is the final writing activity that we are going to set the children before the summer holidays.


Mr Wylde and Mr Walton have asked the children in Year 3 to write them a letter. As we haven't been able to have a transition day this year, they would like to find out as much about the children as possible before they meet them in Year 4, in September. To help the children adjust to their new surroundings in Year 4, we have added a 'What to expect in Year 4' document below, this will give the children some more information about who they will meet, where they will be and what it looks like in Year 4 based on the current information. Please be aware that the pictures of the classroom were taken before the current Coronavirus restrictions were in place and they may look different to this in September.


Below, you will find a few resources that will help the children to complete the task. Once the task is completed, you are welcome to send the letters to your child's new teacher via the Year4Contact email address and they will respond to it. Alternatively, you can send it to the Year3Contact email where we will be happy to respond to the children as we usually do, or you can send it to both the Year3Contact and the Year4Contact where you will receive a response from both your child's current teacher and their new teacher.


If you have any questions about the final Year 3 task, please message us through the Year3Contact email.


Thank you for all of your support over this period with your child's learning,


Mr Dobson.

What to expect in Year 4 - Parrots Class

Work from our Brilliant Brazil topic!


Year 3 Writing Activity

Monday 29th June to Friday 3rd July


This week's writing activity is split into two sections. The first part, which is listed below as 'Top Secret' is an optional activity and it is explained in more detail when you open the document.


However, part two of this week's writing activity presents an opportunity for the children to demonstrate all of the things that they have learned about Brazil during our topic. We would like the children to design a poster all about Brazil. The topic they choose to base their poster around is completely up to them and doesn't have to be about something they have learned so far if there is a particular area that they want to explore further.


The children can be as creative as they want and can make it as bright and as colourful as they choose to. They may want to fill it with facts, cover it in pictures or add their own drawings. We have included a few suggestions on the document below to help them if they are stuck but the subject of the poster is their choice. When they are completed we are hoping to collate as many of them as we can and display them in our online 'Brilliant Brazil Art Gallery'.


Please send your posters to us via the Year 3 Contact email address. We will assume that if they are sent to us that you are agreeing with and understand that they will be added to the 'Brilliant Brazil Art Gallery' on the class pages alongside their first name. If you do not consent to us adding them to the website but would still like to send them, that's fine! Please just send a little note to say that you do not want us to upload them and we will just reply to the email as normal.


Thank you for your continued support at home,


Mr Dobson.

Other Previous Work



Year 3 Writing Task

Monday 15th June to Friday 26th June


Over the next two weeks, we would like the children to work through the 'Journey to the Jungle!' activity booklet. This booklet has been produced by 'Talk for Writing' and can be found via the link below:


In this activity booklet, there are a range of reading and writing activities for the children to try, it closely follows the process we would use in school for writing.


Firstly, there is a reading activity which helps the children to understand the context behind the rest of the booklet along with a vocabulary activity to help the children understand what the words mean in the text. This is then followed by a comprehension activity where the children answers questions about the jungle log. Next, it uses what the children have learned in their reading activity and asks them to apply it to a range of SPAG and writing activities. 


There are lots of activities in this booklet so please feel free to pick and choose the activities that you would like to complete, there is no obligation to complete every activity in the booklet and you are welcome to rearrange the order in which the activities are completed. This booklet contains all of the reading, planning and writing resources that the children will need to complete the work. However, if you would like to use the Home Learning books instead that is absolutely fine.


I hope you enjoy the 'Journey to the Jungle'. If you have any questions, would like to send me a copy of your child's work or would like to let me know how the children are doing, please message me through the Year 3 Contact email.


Thank you for your support at home,


Mr Dobson.



Year 3 Writing Task

Monday 1st June to Friday 12th June


Over the next two weeks, we would like the children to write a letter to 'Senhor', who is a character from the book

'The Great Kapok Tree'.


Senhor has been sent into the Amazon Rainforest to cut down the kapok tree but then, as he falls asleep at the bottom of the tree, he is approached by each animal and tribe member that will feel the impact of his actions and they each tell him why they need it to be saved.


We would like the children to persuade Senhor to save the kapok tree using a few of the key points listed by the animals in the book, if the children can come up with their own reasons why he should save the kapok tree then they are welcome to use them instead.


If you have any questions, would like to send us a copy of your child's work or would like to talk to us about how your child is doing at home, then please email us through the Year 3 Contact email.


Many Thanks,


Mr Dobson.



Over the next two weeks, we would like the children to write a part of a story. - A link to the video for 'The Ride of Passage'


The story, The Ride of Passage, is based on a fictional Brazilian tribe that live in the Amazon Rainforest. The video has no spoken words which means that the children will have to use their detective skills and look out for clues to help them understand the story. The story is split into 3 sections and we will need to use our Year 3 reading and writing skills to help us. Firstly, at the beginning of the story we would like the children to use their reading skills to discuss their understanding of the story so far. Secondly, the middle section is the part we would like the children to write about, following the characters journey through the Amazon. Finally, at the end of the story we would like the children to use the skills they have learned through reading to discuss what the character should do and predict what might happen depending on the choice he makes.



At the beginning of the story (above), it shows how traditionally the elders of the tribe have searched the rainforest to find and kill the largest animal that they can and return with it's head, those that kill the most powerful animal are celebrated and gain the respect of the others in the tribe. Then, the final part of this section shows the elders sending the next generation of tribe into the rainforest for the first time.


We do not want the children to write about this part unless they want to as an additional challenge, instead we would like this to be used as an opportunity to discover more about different Amazonian tribes, how other cultures live and think differently to us at times and to begin understanding what is happening in the story through discussions with you. To help, we recommend watching this part of the story a few times and discussing what they think is happening, why they think it is happening and what they think will happen next, before moving onto the next part of the video.



Suddenly, as the title screen reappears, the brown colours from the beginning of the story change and for the first time, we can see the rainforest in full colour. At this point, we are introduced to 'Toki' (above) who was one of the children sent into the rainforest to hunt for the most powerful animal he could find. We would like the children to write this part of the story, following Toki's journey through the Amazon Rainforest describing what he sees, hears, feels and who he meets throughout his journey until he finds himself in a huge dilemma!



Should Toki claim that he has captured the huge chameleon and return to his tribe as a hero? Or, should he release the chameleon, who has become a good friend of his, and return to the tribe with another animal?


We would like you to discuss the possibilities  and choices that Toki has to make with the children, they may want to come up with a list of pros and cons for each argument before deciding which they think he should do. If they want to, as an additional challenge, they are welcome to write the end to the story themselves without knowing exactly what happens and can write down the consequences that Toki experiences as a result of the choice he made in their story. However, this is optional! If the you, or the children, just want to discuss the possibilities and watch the ending to see which choice he makes, that's absolutely fine!



If you have any questions, would like to send us copies of the children's work or even just want to let us know how the children are doing, please do not hesitate to email us through the Year 3 Contact email address. We hope that you find the resources that we have attached below useful for completing the task.


Thank you for your support with your child's learning at home!


Mr Dobson.

The Ride of Passage - Beginning of the Story (Discussion Task)

The Ride of Passage - End of the Story (Optional Challenge)



Over the next two weeks, we would like your child to write a description of the Amazon Rainforest. To help them, we will be linking their description to a story called 'The Explorer'. It is an exciting story which begins with the scenario of a small plane crashing in the  middle of the Amazon Rainforest, leaving the character (Fred) there with no way of escape.


We would then like the children to use what they know about the Amazon Rainforest to describe some of the animals, plants and environments that they would see, hear, smell or feel if they were the character in the story.


If they would like to, they are welcome to continue the explorer's journey through the rainforest and use their imagination to explain how the character manages to escape the situation they have found themselves in. However, this is an optional challenge and is not compulsory.


Below, you will find a range of resources that will help the children with their writing. However, the children may not want to us them all which is fine, we want to encourage the children to take ownership of their writing so if they would prefer to use their imagination to describe what they think they would see, if they would like to research for themselves about the animals and plants in the rainforest, or they would like to watch videos or find pictures to help them, that is absolutely fine too!


I hope you find this useful! Please email me if you have any questions about the task or would like to send me any pictures of your work.


Many Thanks,


Mr Dobson.