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Computing and Online Safety

Computing & Online Safety


At Perton First School, we recognise that pupils are entitled to a broad and balanced computing education with a structured, progressive approach to the learning of how computer systems work, the use of IT, the skills necessary to become digitally literate and participate fully in the modern world as a good digital citizen.



At Perton First School, we have adopted the Entrust computing scheme of work for 2021-22. We want to ensure that our children leave our school with the necessary skills and knowledge to continue their learning journey in Computing. Each class has an allocated weekly computing slot in our ICT suite to deliver the computing curriculum, though it is important to understand that not all computing lessons take place on a digital device.


We deliver computing to each year group in six units across the academic year. These units have been planned to ensure that knowledge and skills can be progressively built upon year on year.


‘Online Safety’ forms an vital part of the computing curriculum at Perton First School and in every half term, each class will receive an online safety lesson. Online safety is not restricted to the computing curriculum. It also features in our PSHE curriculum and teachers also seek out opportunities during the school day to discuss online safety. From 2021-22, our Online Safety Curriculum is guided by Project Evolve's online safety scheme of learning. The tools within this scheme enable teachers to find the strengths and areas for development for their class using interactive assessment quizzes. Once assessed, the tool provides teachers with the areas that require focus in their class moving forward. Lessons can then be planned accordingly. At the bottom of this page, you can find our online safety objectives mapped across school.




We measure the impact of the Computing Curriculum through pupil discussions, learning walks, sampling of children's work and by monitoring the attainment levels of our children using our own assessment tracking system.


We measure the impact of our online safety curriculum using Project Evolve's online safety curriculum impact assessments. These assessments show the areas of strength for children and enable teachers to plan for the future to ensure our children leave us being able to stay safe online.



Computing - Perton First School Subject Map

To view our computing subject map, click the image above or download a copy from the documents list below:

Online Safety - Subject Map

To view our subject map for Online Safety, click the image above or download it from the documents at the bottom of this page.

Useful Links to Support Learning at Home:


  • J2E - J2E is our child-friendly online learning platform. We use this in times when remote learning is necessary but we also use it to set weekly homework. J2E also contains an entire coding and programming platform for children to continue to develop their skills at home.
  • Scratch - Throughout school, we use Scratch to help with our coding skills. You can find the online version here:
  • Espresso Coding - We have access to Espresso Coding to help with our coding skills. You can log in at home at:
  • Kodu Game Lab - We use Kodu Game Lab to allow children to create their own computer games. You can download this free from:

Perton First School Computing Policy

Online Safety Subject Map