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Brilliant Brazil Art Gallery


Eden J created an amazing PowerPoint about animals in the rainforest.

You can find the full PowerPoint below



Olivia has created this wonderful poster full of Brilliant Brazil facts.

You can see a full size image of Olivia's work below.



Holly has cleverly created this brilliant moving animation of the Amazon Rainforest.



Holly also designed this picture of the Rio Carnival.



Heston has created this colourful image of the Amazon Rainforest.



Daniel J was inspired to create this incredible 3D model of the Amazon Rainforest.


When you send us your completed Brilliant Brazil poster, they will appear here!


We can't wait to see your posters!


If you are looking for guidance on how to complete this week's writing task, please follow the link (below) which will take you to the 'English' area of our Class Page.




Mr Dobson.