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Throughout the Autumn Term, Year 2 will be exploring Journeys! From the journeys that we make everyday around Perton, to journeys we could only ever imagine, we will enjoy learning about transport, maps and a range of different settings and locations!

We are currently learning about journeys to Space.


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Our Moon Rovers

As part of our Design and Technology, we designed and made our very own space buggies.

We worked in 'Space Teams' to decide what features our moon rovers must have.

Then we worked well together to make an axel to enable our buggies to move.

Finally, we could be creative with all the recycling we had brought in from home! Take a look at our amazing designs below!

Journeys: Autumn Term Parent Planner

Our Learning Tree

At the start of a new topic, we think about the things that we would like to learn and put them on the Learning Tree.

What was your question? Have you learned the answer yet?