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Nursery - Little Owls

Our topic for Summer Term is The Circle of Life. We will begin by looking closely at how things grow and change, including plants, minibeasts, animals and people. We will hatch out some eggs and see what is inside them, plant seeds and beans and see what amazing things happen to caterpillars during their lives!


At home, you can support our theme by encouraging minibeast hunts, looking closely at what the children find and naming them. There are lots of identification charts in books and online.

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life 1

Minibeast Art Work

Minibeast Art Work 1 We counted the letters in our names then printed
Minibeast Art Work 2 We made symmetrical paintings of butterflies

Growing Activities

Growing Activities 1 We have planted seeds and beans
Growing Activities 2 Garden themed mark making
Growing Activities 3 Bug light box
Growing Activities 4 Living Eggs
Growing Activities 5 Planting Exploration
Growing Activities 6 Our Role-play Garden Centre
Growing Activities 7 Minibeast Small World

Incy Wincy Spider

Incy Wincy Spider

Sing along to this nursery rhyme

Lovely Bugs!

Lovely Bugs! 1

Mud kitchen fun!

Mud kitchen fun! 1
Mud kitchen fun! 2
Mud kitchen fun! 3
Mud kitchen fun! 4
Mud kitchen fun! 5
Mud kitchen fun! 6
Mud kitchen fun! 7
Mud kitchen fun! 8
Mud kitchen fun! 9
Mud kitchen fun! 10
Mud kitchen fun! 11