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Nursery - Little Owls

Welcome to the Little Owls page!


We are excited to welcome you this September for an exciting learning journey with your little ones.


We have been cleaning and preparing the setting as well as adding to our environment, in order to provide the best possible experiences for the children. We will communicate and interact with them in a positive way as they go about their child-led learning.


We will keep carers informed about how the children are settling in and you are welcome to speak to us before and after the sessions if you wish to.

The setting is all ready to support children in their learning. It is language rich and inviting.

Look at your reflection! What do you see?

Look at your reflection! What do you see? 1
Look at your reflection! What do you see? 2

We're learning about ourselves to begin with in our topic which is called "Travel with Me!"


We'll be finding out about our reflections, looking at all things shiny and glittery and using mirrored materials in different ways.


We will be learning how to get along with other children and how to begin sharing and collaborating. Then we will find out all about Perton and where we live. 

Picture 1 Shiny sensory play tray! Ready to be explored.