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Cross Country

Cross Country Tournament

On Tuesday 11th October we went to Perton Middle School for the Team Cross Country Event. First, the Year 3 boys ran and we all cheered them on. A different school won but our school came 2nd. After the Year 3 girls were running and Lola came first and Layla came 2nd. The whole team came 1st. Next was the Year 4 boys. They tried their hardest and came 3rd. Next were the Year 4 girls. Olivia came 3rd, Ella 4th and Kolvet 15th. Then all of us had a team photo. Everyone did their best and Mrs Hopkins was very proud of us all.

Written by Olivia, Ella and Kolvet


Seven schools took part, Birches, Perton Academy, St Chad's, St Christopher's, St John's, St Nicholas and Perton First. (We entered two teams except for the Year 3 girls)


Y3 girls: 1st                         Y4 girls: 2nd and 4th 

Y3 boys: 2nd and 5th              Y4 boys: 3rd and 6th


Our Year 3 girls, boys and Year 4 girls have qualified for the Cross Country South Staffordshire Finals, later in the year.





Cross Country District Finals

On Thursday 23rd March we went to Brewood Middle School For a Cross Country Tournament. The Year three boys ran first. George, Lewis, Alex R and Alex K took part and the team came 4th. Second to run were the Year three girls, Lola, Layla, Lilly and Jessica.

They ran very well and the team came "nd. They got through to represent South Staffordshire at Keele University. Lola got a medal as she came 3rd. Third to run were the Year 4 girls, Ella, Olivia, Daisy and Simran. They also did very well. It was a tough run. The team came 6th.

Everybody finished their run. It was a fantastic experience for all of us. Mrs Hopkins was proud of everyone.


By Olivia, Ella and Simran