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Change for Life

Change for Life Festival

On Tuesday 10th October some children from Year 4 went with Mrs Hopkins to the Multi-sports Festival at Cheslyn Hay High School. They were Seb, Neve, Sylwia, Amelia, William, Rachael, CJ and Holly. Here are some events we did:-

First, we did Musical Statues and the lady said some Karate movements like side kick, jab, duck, body swerve, and press up.

The second sporty activity was in partners, we put on a bib with tags and we stood on a mat with different coloured spots. before Mrs Hopkins said go Millie grabbed the Velcro tags off Neve. It was so funny!

The last physical sport we did was basketball throwing. We did chest passes and the bounce pass.

We don't know our score(the children earned sports passports) but all we know is that we had a great time. We would all like to thank Mrs Hopkins for organising it.

Written by Millie and Neve


I'm glad you all enjoyed the event. You represented the school brilliantly. Well done!

C. Hopkins